Blogging-The strong and long-term earning way.

Blogging for Life


We are familiar with the word Blogging. But what is blogging ? Yes blogging is an one kind of service provided online, based on a special topic like- health, fitness, music , beauty, earn money online, and so on.

Blogging is one of the great way to start earn money online.Peoples are gradually understanding  that it is really easy way to start-up. It’s possible in minimal  cost and can reach in a standard position in a short time.

If you want to start without paying any hosting charge, you can start from a free hosting platform. In this way you can choose WordPress, Blogger, Posterous, Multiply, or any other free hosting site. Alternatively you can use your own Domain. My view is that a newbie should start from a free hosting platform.

Blogging is an one kind of business center, which will provide you lifetime royalty. You don’t need to invest your whole day here, leisure time is enough for it. Yes if you want to earn a optimal amount you must be take control of your Blog. In this case own domain must be recommended.Because everything is not possible in free hosting as you want. In own domain you can arrange your blog as you want,as example page, post, color, adsense and mostly can do your blogging for search engine optimization favorable.

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Freelancing – A new dimension for young generation carrier !!!

All-over the world outsource-freelancing is a common word. Its Change the world of IT jobs.The IT firms from America and Europe like to perform their project by outsource-freelancing.And their motto is cheap labour.Outsource-freelancing can decrease frustrating unemployment problem in human crowded countries. And obviously young generation ahead in this field.But most of us don’t know what is the meaning of this word outsource-freelancing?

What is Outsource-freelancing?

Actually outsource means distance and freelance is independent work. In a word outsource-freelancing means do distance work independently. The IT giants firm from all-over the world hire distance worker to perform their daily job. And obviously the motive is finding  cheap worker for relative work. A huge amount of young from different corner of the world do this freelancing job.

Type of freelancing

There are different kinds of outsourcing world wide.They are following- Business process outsourcing(BPO),Co-sourcing,  Engineering process outsourcing(EPO), Farm-shoring,Home-shoring, In-sourcing,Knowledge process outsourcing(KPO),Legal process out sourcing,Near-shoring,Information technology outsourcing,Offshore outsourcing,Offshore software development,Off-shoring IT services, Print and mail outsourcing, Recruit process, Outsourcing,Socially responsible outsourcing.    


You can do this job by building a team or firm or independently. There have many third-party to negotiate between worker or contractor and employer.This thirty-party called freelancing site. Example-,,,  

There have million of works  and everyday posting  million of new works/jobs  in these sites. There are  100+ categories jobs here which like-Data entry,Web research,Web development, Graphics design, SEO, SEM,Email handling,Book-keeping, Virtual assistant, Article  writing , Copy writing, Forum posting, Youtube,Twitter, facebook  and  so on.

If you have some knowledge you  can also start work as a freelancer In this case microworker is best for your freelancing carrier. Here jobs are simple like signup, facebook, twitter, bookmarking,blog or forum posting etc.

If you have extended knowledge you can start from any site which you like best.You must have skill in related field of job.Registration is free in all site.Before starting visit the sites, know details and then start.If you don’t have enough time you can start as a part-timer.

Some sites,,,,,,,,,,,,,                            Registration in all these sites are free. For getting more site information you can search in , , and other search engine.

You can start as a full-timer or part-timer. If you have not enough time or you engage in other profession can work as a part-timer. You need not invest extra money,only need strong mentality to earn.

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One pc one Business center!

Do you know your personal computer can be your business center means source of earn?You are thinking how? Actually it’s not a tough work. You don’t need to invest extra money or time.You only need strong mentality to earn. Hope you can guess what i am sharing.Yes i am talking about online money making system.There are many ways to earn money online.The best ways are following

1) Micro jobs.

2) Freelancing.

3) Blogging.

4) Affiliate marketing.

I will now leave some information for you about this ways.

Micro jobs. micro jobs means mini jobs.There are many micro jobs site like,, You can work in these site without any bid or competition. You only need to be a registered member inthese site. Registretion is free.There have many works in these site like- voting or rating,click or search,sign up, forum posting,bookmark,yahoo answer,download and install, etc.

Freelancing. Freelancing means indipendent working.There are many freelancing or online working site like,,, You can work in these side as a fulltime or parttime worker. There are variety of work in these site like data entry,web research,aricle or blog writing, copywriting, graphics design,logo design,search engine opyimization, search engine marketing,web design,web programming, phone support,E-mail response,accounting,bookkeeping,etc. You must face competition in these site.You must bid for job as per your qualification and win.

Blogging. It,s a one kind of service.In blogging blogger share their knowledge in free.You can also earn by blogging.But how you will earn? You will earn by google adsence.It’s a ad program of internet giant google.For this job you must won a website. Don’t worry you can get a website free.There are many free blogging site like,, these site you can open a blogging site or website in free.

Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing method.In this method your earn also will come from adsence and site marketing.

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